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5 famous Polish tourist destinations, you should visit once

Wianki – A special festival in Ba Poland is one of the stops for many tourists in the world, including Vietnamese. A beautiful country, possessing countless kb from dense fir forest to the waves in the Baltic wind. So where is the most famous Polish tourist attractions, you should visit at least once?

Capital of Warsaw

Capital of Warsaw

Warsaw capital is known as one of the most ancient cities in the world with more than 700 years of history of formation and development. The scenery here is extremely romantic and is the dream life of so many people. Therefore, Warsaw is a famous tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Poland.

Moreover, this is also the economic, political and cultural center of the Poles. Therefore, many famous places gather here. Typically the royal castle, the destination makes many visitors excited.

The coastal city of Gdansk

The coastal city of Gdansk

Another Polish tourist destination that you should visit is the city of Gdansk. A beautiful coastal city located on the Baltic coast, in the north of Poland.

After the devastation of World War 2, now, this city has become more modern with a highly developed culture and entertainment. Along with that is the kind of mild and pleasant weather. Combined with the youthful and dynamic lifestyle, Gdansk is also mentioned as a happy place, a free city, conquering all visitors.

Old town of Krakow

Old town of Krakow

Krakow was known as the political, economic and cultural center of the Polish kingdom as well as one of the most powerful town centers in Europe. Moreover, this place also converges many ancient architectural works. Typically the area monuments, old markets, old pubs. Therefore, Krakow is known as an ancient city, the destination of tourists who want to learn about Polish culture and architecture.

Not only ancient works, but also convergence of architectural works with the direction of the times. Like Big Market Square, Planty Park, … Therefore, Krakow never disappoints tourists.

Białowieża Forest

Bialowieza forest

Bialowieza forest is located between the border of Poland and its neighbor: Republic of Belarus. This is a vestige of a primeval jungle before. A forest once covered a large part of Europe.

Coming to Bialowieza forest, you will admire the interesting and wonderful things of nature. The animals and plants that you previously had only had the opportunity to look at on books, newspapers, television such as more than 800 bison, oak, spruce, … Moreover, you can also ride horse around in forest, walking under big trees.

City of Wroclaw

City of Wroclaw

Another famous Polish tourist destination that you should not miss is the city of Wroclaw. It is considered the capital of Lower Silesian province.

Coming to this city, you will discover a lot of beauty, specialties, charm and attractions such as Ostrow Tumski, Raclawice, Bed club, Ostrow Tumski, … In addition, the city also has Up to 12 different islands with the largest number of bridges in the world, you can have fun and explore.

So, above, the article has introduced readers to the 5 most famous Polish tourist destinations, worth visiting at least once in your life. In addition, if you have time, you should visit the Wólka Kosowska mall to explore the culture here and buy for yourself souvenirs.

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