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PARASIT, furniture plug-in

Vivere in piccoli spazi è difficile. Invece di comprare svariati mobili, Parasit risolve il problema. Come i suoi omonimi biologici, Parasit si aggancia al mobilio, e acquisisce funzioni di mobili altrimenti grandi ed ingombranti. Esso diventa così superficie d'appoggio, tre appendini, un cesto contenitore, ovvero i tre accessori base necessari in qualsiasi stanza.

fusione in sabbia, alluminio riciclato
15cm x 17cm x 9cm corpo montato

Finalista del James Dyson Award 2012

PARASIT, furniture plug-in

Living is small spaces is difficult, as one often needs a wealth of things in order to cope with daily needs. Instead of adding a new piece of furniture in a room, “Parasit” might help solving this problem.
As its biological ancestors would do, the “Parasit” easily adapts to other pieces of furniture as a sort of appendix of them by replacing and expanding functionalities that are usually typical for voluminous and sometimes awkward furniture.
The use of “Parasit” is relatively free and stimulates creative approaches. It can be used as a supplementary tray on other surfaces as well as a storage room with the help of a cotton basket which might be sustained with the help of three hooks. These are the main functions that are provided in any room.

sand cast, recycled aluminium
15cm x 17cm x 9cm assembled

Finalist of James Dyson Award 2012