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Revealing the wholesale business of children’s shoes for newcomers

In recent years, the footwear market in Poland is experiencing extremely strong developments. The wholesale of children’s shoes is considered an extremely fertile business and has a lot of potential for development. So, for a successful wholesale business, what do you need to pay attention to when choosing products?

The quality of children’s shoes is the top criterion

The quality of children’s shoes is the top criterion

In order for the wholesale of children’s shoes to be effective in Wólka Kosowska Hurtownie, Poland, the first factor that you need to pay attention to is the quality of the product. This is one of the leading factors that help shop owners and businesses make a difference compared to their competitors.
Not only that, the quality of footwear also helps stores and wholesalers of children’s shoes improve their competitive advantage. It also improves revenue performance as well as strengthens customer trust.
When choosing to buy shoes for children, the common psychology of parents is the desire to find the best products. Therefore, the quality of children’s shoes is the most important criterion when parents go shopping.
Input materials are one of the leading factors determining the quality of footwear products. Therefore, stores should choose children’s footwear wholesalers that have full documents and invoices for raw materials. At the same time ensure the safety of footwear for consumers. Because when choosing the best wholesale sources for these products, new stores and businesses quickly build consumer trust and increase brand value.

Various and eye-catching designs and colors of shoes

Various and eye-catching designs and colors of shoes

In addition to the factor of product quality, the design and style of footwear is also a factor that customers are extremely interested in. Currently, the demand for this item in Hurtownia obuwia dziecięcego, Poland is increasingly diverse.
Therefore, children’s footwear wholesalers must choose for themselves a source of goods with diverse designs, models and many fancy designs to meet the tastes of customers. This also increases the competitiveness of your brand compared to other competitors.
Traders and wholesalers of children’s shoes should give preference to items that are convenient, comfortable and suitable. This will help stores and businesses increase the number of loyal customers.

Shoes price comes with quality

Shoes price comes with quality

Price is one of the most important factors influencing the purchasing decision of consumers. Therefore, having a wholesale source of children’s shoes at an affordable price will help the store easily build the most suitable price policy.
This will help your store create a competitive advantage. This increases sales and attracts more potential customers.

Choose a reputable footwear processing and wholesale facility

When making a decision to choose the sources of goods to import children’s shoes, stores and businesses must prioritize reliable and large-scale companies in the market. Usually, large footwear processing facilities will have an abundant supply of goods and a very strict quality control process.
Therefore, the footwear products of these companies are always committed to quality and have quite stable prices. This creates favorable conditions for wholesalers and traders of children’s shoes, as well as enhancing brand reputation.
In short, business has never been easy and wholesale children’s shoes is no exception. Therefore, you must wisely choose a reputable and quality children’s footwear wholesaler to ensure the best for your business.

How to practice boxing properly, safely and quickly?

Nowadays, the practice of sports will bring many health benefits. That’s why there are so many sports. In which, it is impossible not to mention boxing. Despite its powerful nature, this martial art boxing sport is still quite popular with many people. So how to practice to be both safe and bring the best effect?

Should practice boxing with a professional coach

Unlike other sports, martial arts sports need to have safety right from the start. Therefore, if you choose a martial arts sport like boxing, you need to find yourself a professional and experienced coach.

Should practice boxing with a coach

Specifically, learning with a coach will help you get the correct knowledge, the right forms of movement, the most effective way to dodge attacks and counterattacks. In particular, they also help you practice how to ensure the safest. Especially for those who are new to exercise, it is advisable to practice with a coach to ensure the most effective.

Choose the right outfit and support tools

Practicing boxing can not only train your body well, but also help you have a comfortable spirit and good health. However, it is difficult to avoid injuries during exercise. Therefore, you need to learn to fully equip yourself with protective gear as well as the most complete support tools.
You should equip boxing gloves with the right size for your hands, skin bandages, knee protectors, teeth… All tools need to ensure quality standards to be able to protect you effectively in the game. boxing training.

Breathing exercise

Practice breathing properly

Breathing is an extremely important factor when practicing martial arts. However, in reality, many people do not appreciate this and forget how to practice breathing properly and effectively. Because if breathing is not standard, it will greatly affect your training process.
Therefore, you need to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. In which, you must breathe deeply to avoid losing strength during exercise. Especially not holding your breath, but maintaining the most stable and regular breathing. This helps you train more effectively.
Currently, martial arts sports have been more and more accepted by people. Therefore, you need to carefully grasp the boxing training experience to both ensure safety and bring good health, a comfortable spirit and regain the most positive energy sources.

Open a shoe shop – need to find the most reliable shoe wholesaler?

You are intending to open a shoe shop and are looking for a reputable, professional footwear wholesaler at a discount on the market. However, you have not chosen a unit because there are too many names on the market. So, now you come to us immediately to the leading reputable wholesale distributor in the market today.

Demand for footwear business today in the market

Demand for footwear business in the current market

Shoes are one of the indispensable fashion accessories of every person. Especially, for women, footwear is always indispensable, even each person has many different pairs of shoes. Therefore, it can be seen that the demand for shoes of each person is increasing day by day. Therefore, followed by more and more companies specializing in footwear business.
If you sell shoes that are not of good quality, you can be sure to affect the health of consumers. Therefore, finding and buying quality shoes at a favorable price is always a problem that every customer poses.
Understanding the psychology of consumers, our footwear wholesaler was born to bring the best quality products. Guaranteed, everyone when buying wholesale and retail at our facility ensures that they will get the best products.

Why choose our footwear wholesaler?

There are many shoe retailers in the market today. However, not all establishments have the best reputation and quality standards. One of the selected names is our company.
With many years in the field, the unit is always the address chosen by many customers when they need to buy wholesale quality shoes in large quantities. Our base is growing stronger and stronger and has great support from customers. This is because the unit has many outstanding advantages such as:

About reputation

We are a reputable company dealing in shoes

Right from the establishment, the unit has understood that this is one of the extremely competitive markets. If it does not make a prominent difference, it will surely go bankrupt quickly. Therefore, since its inception, the unit has always set a development criterion that is to bring maximum benefits to wholesale customers.
Therefore, the unit always offers many preferential policies for wholesale buyers. Make sure that when you pick up the goods at the facility, you will quickly have a number of customers. At the same time, the highest commercial benefits will be quickly obtained.

About shoe quality

The unit not only provides a lot of different shoe designs but also distributes in large quantities to ensure the import needs of customers. Moreover, at our footwear wholesaler, all goods are of clear origin and origin

About the price

Any wholesale customer who needs to buy goods wants to find the best source of goods at the best price to facilitate business. Therefore, the unit is always looking for ways to offer the most attractive price. Along with that are preferential sales policies that bring maximum benefits to wholesale buyers.

About customer care

The unit always offers a thoughtful customer care policy

As a reputable unit, the unit always offers the most attentive and professional customer care regime. All problems with goods are consulted and supported by the staff in the best way. The unit always offers a clear product return policy for wholesale buyers. Therefore, people can be completely secure when choosing to buy products.
With the above information about the most reputable shoe wholesaler on the market today. Come to us immediately for advice and support to buy the best way. Make sure your business will be favorable when buying wholesale at our facility.

Sell women’s clothing with large quantities in Warszawa – Developed through e-commerce

We sell women’s clothing with large quantities in Warszawa, can sit in Poland and sell all over Europe. Do you believe this? It is true because e-commerce is thriving and booming in today’s commodity markets around the world. 

History of the Warszawa market

Warszawa Market is located in wólka kosowska hurtownia district. It’s located in the suburbs, more than 30 km from the center of Warsaw, capital of Poland along the S8 highway. This is a famous market for Chinese, Turkish, Indian, Lithuanian, and Ba Lan. Warszawa is a market. In here, you can find any product, from home appliances to souvenirs, from children’s clothing to women’s wear. In Warszawa, perhaps women’s clothing is the item that we can find easily. There are a multitude of women’s clothing stores here. 

Warsaw is currently the largest market in Ba Lan and the European Region

Warsaw officially opened in 2002 as a commercial center. Until now, Warsaw is probably still the largest market in Europe. If you live in wólka kosowska , you are probably familiar with this market. Do you have shopping needs? Coming to Warsaw, you can find everything easily. Every time you come to Warsaw, you will definitely bring a lot of things for your family. 

How does the growth of social media affect our business?

In recent years, the development of social networks and increasingly powerful mobile devices has had a significant impact on traditional sales activities. According to statistics in 2018, there are 7.6 billion people in the world, more than 4 billion people use the Internet, 5 billion people use phones and more than 3.2 billion people are using social networking services. 

In which, more than 80% of users regularly visit website systems. However, Facebook is the largest social network in the world with 2.3 billion active users. Along with the development of the Internet, social networks, smartphones are the trend of online sales on social networks.

This trend is growing stronger day by day. After acquiring other social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp … to date, websites and Facebook are still the most popular sales channels on social networks in the world. 

Undeniably, e-commerce has significantly affected the wholesale of women’s clothing in Warszawa

With unique and creative tools such as recording videos, creating Fanpage, using advertising images, etc., it only takes about 30 minutes for the seller to build a website to sell and introduce products. With the development of social networks, selling on the system of websites and social networks Facebook has become an indispensable sales channel of any store or individual. 

E-Commerce – Promote wholesale women’s clothing sales in Warszawa

There is no denying that e-commerce has improved the wholesale sales of women’s clothing in Warszawa. In Warszawa, 90% of wholesale stores use the method of doing business through applications, online social networks. 

If they don’t adapt to this business trend, they think, their women’s clothing wholesale stores in Warszawa may decline in sales and eventually disappear. Of course, after applying e-commerce to their business, their wholesale sales of women’s clothing in Warszawa also increased, more or less. 

TOP] 10 Shop bán sỉ quần áo trên Facebook nổi tiếng RẺ, ĐẸP (Phần 1)

Women clothing wholesale stores in Warszawa should adopt the method of selling through e-commerce to increase sales

A shop owner in Warszawa said that at the present time, the market is very competitive, and wholesale women’s clothing in Warszawa is increasingly difficult. 

The number of stores with similar products is also very large. Limited number of customers. So, if we don’t apply all forms of business, there are many stores that cannot exist. However, the website system, Facebook, is just a playground. In order to compete on these social networking sites, the products or services of wholesale women’s clothing stores in Warsaw must also regularly source new and better quality products. 

Women’s clothing wholesale shops in Warszawa also have to hire employees to run advertisements or regularly improve the image and promote products on a regular basis. Although e-commerce has contributed significantly to revenue growth, it is undeniable that, in order to be successful in this business way, women’s clothing wholesale stores in Warszawa must also make efforts to achieve good results. 

In order to achieve high sales and own good trustworthiness, women’s clothing wholesale stores in Warszawa need to make efforts a lots

The above sharing has definitely helped you to understand more about women’s clothing wholesale shops in Warszawa. This article is intended for those of you who live in Warszawa and you are looking to wholesale women’s clothing in Warszawa. If you’re in doubt about an issue, let us know. We can work it out together!

Polish cuisine – Delicious dishes that captivate diners from all over the world

Famous as an extremely beautiful and poetic country of Europe. Poland attracts more than millions of tourists every year. Not only beautiful, but Polish cuisine is also what makes visitors more impressed with this place. Especially the following special dishes.

Polish Cuisine – Bigos

The first place in the ranking of typical Polish dishes is Bigos. Although not very eye-catching, the taste of this dish makes an unforgettable impression on diners.


Bigos has ham, stewed sausage, sauerkraut, honey, cinnamon and cloves. These ingredients are stewed together soft, with consistency, served with bread.

Chlodnik soup

Regardless of the taste, just by looking at it, it is hard for diners to refuse this soup. With a cute, eye-catching pink color, Choldnik soup is made with beets. The Poles cook together the stalks, leaves and beets, chopped, diced or pureed. Choldnik soup has the sweet, fatty taste of kefir mushrooms and the sour taste of lemon juice.

Zrayzy dish

Zrayzy is a traditional dish that is sought after by many tourists when coming to Poland. This dish looks like small rolls but the shell is made of thinly sliced ​​beef. The filling inside is really attractive with bacon, mushrooms, cucumber and bread crumbs. Zrayzy can be steamed, fried or grilled as you like. This dish with cucumber or salad is enough flavor.

Polish cuisine – Pierogi


Pierogi is a dish imported from Russia but has existed for a long time in Poland. Up to now, it has gradually become a familiar dish in Poland. Pierogi is similar to Vietnamese pillow cake but the crust is made of a soft, moist dough. Pierogi can be fried or steamed, but must be served with sour cream to increase its attractive aroma.

Zurek Soup

An indispensable soup in Polish meals is Zurek soup. This is a hot dish that is loved by many people. Ingredients of the dish include: rye, potato, sausage, mushroom powder. The main highlight of the dish is fermented boiled eggs with stimulating acidity. Zurak is boiled very well and then put on bread to keep hot and enjoy.
Above are super delicious and super attractive dishes that any diners must enjoy when coming to Poland. Surely Polish cuisine will make you ecstatic and unforgettable. Come here to enjoy!

Expensive life lessons worth ponder

To survive in this life. Learning is the first thing you need to do from birth. Learn from grandparents, parents to learn from society. And to help you think about your life now. We’ll present you with valuable life lessons worth pondering. Let’s read and think about whether it applies to yourself!

It is difficult to succeed

Anyone who wants to do crazy things in his life. For example starting a business, traveling, climbing mountains or making movies … Have you ever thought about starting to do these things before you die? Why not? Why haven’t you done it yet?
The simple answer is because you are afraid of difficulty. Get rid of that thought now. Because this life certainly you must have difficulties. That is a lesson anyone must learn and find a way to overcome: Don’t be afraid of hard work. Be bold, confident and train yourself to become someone who can withstand all difficulties. Difficult both physically and mentally.

It is difficult to succeed

Have you ever heard the saying: “It is difficult to succeed”? Sounds like a cliché, but it’s 100% accurate. If you don’t strain your muscles, your muscles will also weaken. If you don’t brainstorm, your cognitive ability will gradually decrease. If you do not dare to challenge your will, you will also become a weak person. In short, as Helen Hayes said: “If you do, you will be lost”. Please reflect on other valuable life lessons worth pondering!

Create your own path

You can look at other people and see that person as your role model. For example grandparents, parents, siblings, friends. teachers or successful business people. When you learn from others. You will find that is the best thing you can do,
However, you should note that you are not these people. You must be you. It means you “Get out of the way and create your own path”!

Give more than receive

As a child, you were taken care of by your family from A to Z. Your parents gave you food, shelter and their love. When you grow up, you find it normal to take it. You just have to receive, receive and receive and think of it for granted.
Everyone would think that way for many years. But look back, are you paranoid? You cannot by default get everything like:
You get the job applying?
Are you promoted?
You get to know an attractive friend?
Are you successful in many ways?

Give more than receive

Instead of thinking hard about what you want from this world. Start thinking more about what you can give away. Because this life is not just about receiving. It also forces you to give more. It is also possible that when you give 1 and get 10 in return, it’s also normal. Helping others will be the most important thing you can do in life. This is one of the most valuable lessons in life to ponder.
Life is like that, sometimes up and sometimes down. It’s important to be persistent and happy to get through it. The good will definitely come to you. In the above expensive lessons in life worth pondering, what is your favorite lesson? Why? Please share with us now!

Shoe Size – Measuring Your Feet to Get the Right Fit

Most people select a shoe size based broadly on trial and error, i.e. they know that they generally take a particular size, so they start with that size and then experiment.

That approach is fine if you are in a shop and able to try on a pair of shoes, but it has major drawbacks if either, you want to buy a pair of shoes online, or you have feet of a slightly different size. See the best shoe products at:

  1. Measuring your shoe size accurately and correctly

The following procedure will enable you to accurately measure both of your feet and you can then use a sizing table to determine the precise fit-size of the footwear that you want to buy.

  1. Repeat the following for each foot.

Step 1

On a flat and even surface carefully draw around your foot on a piece of paper. Make sure that you are standing up and applying weight through your foot and, if possible, get a third party to mark out the foot’s profile for you. Be careful to keep the pen or pencil line as close to the actual foot as possible and be as precise as you (or your line drawer) can be around the heel and especially the wide toe area.

Step 2

Using the pencil imprint of your foot, measure the length and width of the foot carefully with a ruler or tape measure. The width measurement should be taken at the widest point and, for UK and USA sizing, take the measurements in inches with the accuracy level being 1/8th of an inch.

Step 3

You should now have two sets of measurements, one for each foot, but you must now make a “measuring amendment” to correct them. This correction takes into account the fact that the tracing will have been slightly oversize all the way around. At this point you must decide on the correction factor which will be a reduction in the length and width measurements by either 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch. You make the determination based upon how close you felt the tracing line was to the actual foot.

Step 4

You will now have separate length and width dimensions for each foot and it will be immediately apparent if you have one foot substantially larger than the other. If both feet are of a similar size, then you can buy your shoes in pairs, however if you have a significant discrepancy between the feet it may be advisable to buy an un-matching pair of shoes. There are a number of specialist suppliers who offer this service.

Step 5

Now equipped with the dimensions of your feet you need to convert those measurements into usable shoe sizes and this is done using an appropriate shoe/foot size chart. You simply find the dimension of your feet in inches and line that up with the shoe fitting size on the chart. See more information:

  1. Shoe size charts

There are different size charts for men’s and women’s feet and there are also different size charts for different nations. i.e. The USA, UK and mainland Europe all have different sizing charts.

5 famous Polish tourist destinations, you should visit once

Wianki – A special festival in Ba Poland is one of the stops for many tourists in the world, including Vietnamese. A beautiful country, possessing countless kb from dense fir forest to the waves in the Baltic wind. So where is the most famous Polish tourist attractions, you should visit at least once?

Capital of Warsaw

Capital of Warsaw

Warsaw capital is known as one of the most ancient cities in the world with more than 700 years of history of formation and development. The scenery here is extremely romantic and is the dream life of so many people. Therefore, Warsaw is a famous tourist destination not to be missed when coming to Poland.

Moreover, this is also the economic, political and cultural center of the Poles. Therefore, many famous places gather here. Typically the royal castle, the destination makes many visitors excited.

The coastal city of Gdansk

The coastal city of Gdansk

Another Polish tourist destination that you should visit is the city of Gdansk. A beautiful coastal city located on the Baltic coast, in the north of Poland.

After the devastation of World War 2, now, this city has become more modern with a highly developed culture and entertainment. Along with that is the kind of mild and pleasant weather. Combined with the youthful and dynamic lifestyle, Gdansk is also mentioned as a happy place, a free city, conquering all visitors.

Old town of Krakow

Old town of Krakow

Krakow was known as the political, economic and cultural center of the Polish kingdom as well as one of the most powerful town centers in Europe. Moreover, this place also converges many ancient architectural works. Typically the area monuments, old markets, old pubs. Therefore, Krakow is known as an ancient city, the destination of tourists who want to learn about Polish culture and architecture.

Not only ancient works, but also convergence of architectural works with the direction of the times. Like Big Market Square, Planty Park, … Therefore, Krakow never disappoints tourists.

Białowieża Forest

Bialowieza forest

Bialowieza forest is located between the border of Poland and its neighbor: Republic of Belarus. This is a vestige of a primeval jungle before. A forest once covered a large part of Europe.

Coming to Bialowieza forest, you will admire the interesting and wonderful things of nature. The animals and plants that you previously had only had the opportunity to look at on books, newspapers, television such as more than 800 bison, oak, spruce, … Moreover, you can also ride horse around in forest, walking under big trees.

City of Wroclaw

City of Wroclaw

Another famous Polish tourist destination that you should not miss is the city of Wroclaw. It is considered the capital of Lower Silesian province.

Coming to this city, you will discover a lot of beauty, specialties, charm and attractions such as Ostrow Tumski, Raclawice, Bed club, Ostrow Tumski, … In addition, the city also has Up to 12 different islands with the largest number of bridges in the world, you can have fun and explore.

So, above, the article has introduced readers to the 5 most famous Polish tourist destinations, worth visiting at least once in your life. In addition, if you have time, you should visit the Wólka Kosowska mall to explore the culture here and buy for yourself souvenirs.