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Polish cuisine – Delicious dishes that captivate diners from all over the world

Famous as an extremely beautiful and poetic country of Europe. Poland attracts more than millions of tourists every year. Not only beautiful, but Polish cuisine is also what makes visitors more impressed with this place. Especially the following special dishes.

Polish Cuisine – Bigos

The first place in the ranking of typical Polish dishes is Bigos. Although not very eye-catching, the taste of this dish makes an unforgettable impression on diners.


Bigos has ham, stewed sausage, sauerkraut, honey, cinnamon and cloves. These ingredients are stewed together soft, with consistency, served with bread.

Chlodnik soup

Regardless of the taste, just by looking at it, it is hard for diners to refuse this soup. With a cute, eye-catching pink color, Choldnik soup is made with beets. The Poles cook together the stalks, leaves and beets, chopped, diced or pureed. Choldnik soup has the sweet, fatty taste of kefir mushrooms and the sour taste of lemon juice.

Zrayzy dish

Zrayzy is a traditional dish that is sought after by many tourists when coming to Poland. This dish looks like small rolls but the shell is made of thinly sliced ​​beef. The filling inside is really attractive with bacon, mushrooms, cucumber and bread crumbs. Zrayzy can be steamed, fried or grilled as you like. This dish with cucumber or salad is enough flavor.

Polish cuisine – Pierogi


Pierogi is a dish imported from Russia but has existed for a long time in Poland. Up to now, it has gradually become a familiar dish in Poland. Pierogi is similar to Vietnamese pillow cake but the crust is made of a soft, moist dough. Pierogi can be fried or steamed, but must be served with sour cream to increase its attractive aroma.

Zurek Soup

An indispensable soup in Polish meals is Zurek soup. This is a hot dish that is loved by many people. Ingredients of the dish include: rye, potato, sausage, mushroom powder. The main highlight of the dish is fermented boiled eggs with stimulating acidity. Zurak is boiled very well and then put on bread to keep hot and enjoy.
Above are super delicious and super attractive dishes that any diners must enjoy when coming to Poland. Surely Polish cuisine will make you ecstatic and unforgettable. Come here to enjoy!

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